About Kyra Wensing – Freelance Photographer

Kyra Wensing - freelance photographer located in Southeast Pennsylvania.Behind the Lens

The name’s Kyra (that would be the “K” in K. Wensing Photography) and I want to thank you for stopping by my little website. Photography has always been a beloved hobby of mine since high school and now it has become an emotional investment for me. I absolutely love photography; the ability to freeze a moment in time that leaves us with a memory you can cherish always, and I love giving that to others. I try to bring an artistic eye and passion to every photo that I take, combining a love for the use of natural light with just the right perspectives. Whether you’re looking for a traditional photo shoot or a quirky (or even nerdy) and unique engagement session in the Greater Philadelphia area (or parts of Jersey), I’m your gal!

So, who am I?
I’m a lover of all things nerdy. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I love to read and write, and it inspires me to be a dreamer. I grew up with Labyrinth and The Princess Bride, both of which remain my favorite movies of all time. I’m a gamer and newbie cosplayer. Red is my favorite color and I have an obsession with red lipstick. I’m addicted to coffee but mostly Irish tea. I have a heavy fixation with all things Ancient Egypt and hope to travel back there some day, along with many other places on my list. Gummi bears are my favorite candy. I crave anything cranberry-orange. Disturbed is my favorite band. I’m an advocate for animal rescue. I’m a total “dog mom” and adore my two furbabies, Chewie and Zoey. And, most of all, I love my husband, Brandon. He is my constant, my foundation, and the one who encouraged me to go after my dreams and has never given up on me.