Blizzard 2016 Pet Photography | Chewie & Zoey

The “snowpocalypse” of 2016 (aka Winter Storm Jonas) has arrived in full force here in the Philadelphia area! We were certainly expecting a decent amount of snow, but we didn’t anticipate this much! Despite being hunkered down in our apartment all weekend (still unpacking and hanging things on the walls because we’ve recently moved to Norristown) and having to dig out our cars, Chewie and Zoey loved every minute of the fluffy, white stuff. They even allowed me to snap a few shots of them before they got chilly and wanted to rush back inside…that, and my mother wouldn’t have let me hear the end of it if she didn’t get any photos.

Black and white profile of Chewie the little mutt.

Our little old man dog enjoying the snowpocalypse.

Chewie the mutt playing outside in the snow.

A winter wind doesn't bother Chewie at all!

Chewie enjoying the cold snow.

Our dog Chewie pretending he's a badass on Hoth.Chewie is such a badass. The harsh cold of Hoth doesn’t keep him down! 😉

Blue Merle Sheltie black and white profile

Zoey loving the snowday!

Zoey after eating a mouthful of snow.She just loves burying her face in the snow!

Zoey the Sheltie playing outside in the snow.Close up of pretty Zoey in the snow.Our beautiful Sheltie girl.