The Forgotten Country Club | Abandoned Photography

This last weekend, my husband and I took a trip up to the Poconos to my mother’s camper, and I was sure to bring my camera along because I knew there was an abandoned country club somewhere nearby. With my brother in tow (who is also a budding photographer) we set off in search of this place I had simply heard about in passing. What we found was something eerily serene and we were instantly bubbling with excitement; unable to wait to explore the grounds that had been forgotten and left to decay by the hands of time.

Please note that I have not disclosed the name or exact location of this abandoned place in order to prevent further vandalism and arson. These beautiful, quiet and decaying buildings are already fragile and vulnerable, and I do not wish to contribute to their decline by disrespectful hands.

Abandoned motel in the Poconos.

The quiet, creepy motel in the Poconos.

Black and white photo of abandoned motel walkway.


Black and white abandoned photography.

Dark stairway to open door.

Light seeping through windows to illuminate the destruction inside a building.

Windows cast light onto building debris.

An open doorway through destruction.

The back of an abandoned motel.

Broken windows of motel rooms.

Abandoned Poconos motel room.

Abandoned and destroyed recreation center.

Black and white photo of creepy hallway.

Hallway of an abandoned rec center.

A recreation room lost and forgotten.

A piano left behind to gather up dust.

A broken chair.

Old chairs littering an abandoned country club recreation center.

A couple of chairs gathering dust.

A lone chair.

A headless doll left behind at an abandoned country club.

Beautifully arched ceiling of an abandoned gym.

Opened doors to a building of decay.

An abandoned swimming pool.

A lost and forgotten pool of an old country club.

A collapsed ceiling above an empty swimming pool.

An abandoned pool now overgrown by nature.

Nature will always find a way.

Broken windows by the swimming pool.

Broken glass litters this abandoned hallway.

Dark hallway leads to the outside doors.

Doorway to doorway.

Black and white photography of abandoned room.