Jen & James Engagement Shoot | Tenafly Nature Center, New Jersey

So, one of my all-time best girls in the world (seriously, I’ve known her since grade school) is getting married! I am over-the-top excited for Jen and her fiance, James, and was happy to do their engagement photos for them. The day was cold at the Tenafly Nature Center in February, but we all endured and the newly engaged couple were great sports as we walked around. Their dog, Bella even came along for some photos!

Also, one of our other best friends, Sunday, is Co-Matron of Honor with me. She also took some photos of this day, which you can see here. The three of us have been friends forever, and I hope it never changes. You might also remember that I had done Sunday and her husband’s engagement photos as well a few years back.

Congratulations Jen and James! Can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you!

Football jersey and bandana.

Engaged couple pose with their dog, Bella, on a bridge in the forest.

Black and white photo of the dog, Bella.

Bella is happy that her humans are engaged!

Happy Bella!

Engaged couple pose with their dog on a wooded trail.

Black and white posing photo of engaged couple and their dog.

Jen and James walking their dog on the forest trail.

Jen and James walking their dog, Bella in the forest.

Newly engaged couple stop for a kiss in the forest.

Couple wearing jerseys walk their dog in the woods.

Kissing couple in football jerseys.

Engaged couple posing in their jerseys.

A closeup of Jen's engagement ring.

Jen hugging her fiance in the woods.

Beautiful engagement ring.

Bling-bling, lookit that ring!

Jen and James goofing off.

Some goofin’ around certainly happened. Haha.


Black and white piggyback photo.

Jen and James comfortably posing as they look out over the forest.

Black and white photo of couple looking out over the wilderness.

Engagement ring and fancy, teal and gray nails!

A candid photo of engaged couple laughing.

I love candid photos!

Engaged couple looking at each other and smiling.

There’s just something about this photo that I love. <3

Snuggling couple in the forest.

Jenny snuggling up to James and showing off her new ring!

James holding Jenny in his arms to pose for a cute photo!

Man lifting his fiancee up for a kiss.

Black and white photo of couple goofing around.

Save-the-date photo on the bridge.

Black and white photo of engaged couple walking on a bridge in the woods.

Engaged couple walking along the bridge.

Walking with her fiance, Jenny stops to glance over her shoulder.

Jenny looking over her shoulder.

Newly-engaged couple posing with their dog.

Couple and their dog, Bella, posting for an engagement photo together.

Bella is wondering what the save-the-date sign means!

Bella is wondering what the save-the-date sign means.

Engagement save-the-date photograph.

Couple posing with their save-the-date sign on the bridge.

Engaged couple laughing with each other on a wooden bridge.

Kissing each other on a bridge.

Snuggling up to each other.

Newly engaged couple sitting on a bridge.