Winter Fog Nature Photography | Norristown, PA

My husband always makes fun of me when there is thick fog because I always claim that the zombie apocalypse is coming. I’m sorry, as much as I love Pennsylvania (I’m a Jersey girl and proud), there is something old and creepy about it, especially when the fog is so thick. I mean, if you think about it, this state would be the perfect place to start the undead epidemic. Left 4 Dead or World War Z, anyone?

Anyway, I had been on my way home from work, taking a back road in Norristown along the Schuylkill River when I had to stop and snag a photo with my phone through the rolled down window. I was pleased with how well it came out, however, I knew I wasn’t going to be satisfied and knew I had to get my big camera out here. Despite the rain, I rushed home and dragged my ever-willing hubby out into the cold so that he could drive me down this road again. With the window down, I managed to snag a few photos without getting rained on…until, for the last few photos, I chanced it so I could get a couple of the road. Fortunately at that moment, someone decided to drive down the road so I could get a few shots of that Supernatural-esque moment! All in all a fun little nature photography session.

Trees in Norristown, Pennsylvania during fog.

A couple drops of rain hang onto thin branches against a misty landscape.

Intertwining branches against the foggy landscape behind.

Peering through the branches.

Mist and rain on Port Indian Road.

Fog covered landscape in Norristown, PA.

Black and white photograph of the foggy trees.

Bare branches against the white sky and fog.

Rainy and foggy landscape.

Wintry fog among the trees.

Careful, zombies might be lurking in that fog!

Green tree among the bare branches within the fog.

Black and white photo of misty road.

Port Indian Road shrouded in fog.

Perfect for some shuffling zombies to come out from the fog!

Car drives on Port Indian road during rain and mist.

Eerie fog creeping up the street.

Car disappearing into the fog.

Landscape in the mist.

Trees coated in the fog.