Baby Photography | Gabriel

This weekend our friends Sunday and John decided to visit from Jersey and stay over for a night…and of course, they brought Gabriel! I absolutely love this kid and he is not at all shy of the camera. He was a trooper; enduring the winds at Valley Forge National Park and then the walk around the King of Prussia Mall, only to later still allow me to snap some photos of his adorable face. I might have gone a bit crazy and took a ton of photographs, but how could I not have?

Mr. Grumpy Face!Mr. Grumpy Face! Haha.

Cutie pie in black and white.

Mama and Gabriel.

Gabriel with his mama.

Gabriel in his football hat.

Gabriel in his red jumpsuit enjoying the Valley Forge National Park.

Almost a smile!

Play time with Gabriel!

Baby smiling and having fun.

Smiling black and white photo of Gabriel.

Happy boy!

Lounging, playing with his toys and train.

Gabriel amazed by the musical toy.

Does that taste good, baby boy?


Gabriel's "sexy pose".

Excited to see his Lotso bear!

Gabriel posing with Lotso!

He loves his Lotso Bear.

Close up of those pretty blues.

Happy baby!

Black and white close up of Gabe.

Baby Blue Eyes!

Almost ready to crawl!

Look at those beautiful blue eyes.

Gabriel loves his choo-choo train.

Gabriel with his toy train.

Baby boy isn't shy of the camera.

Gabriel and Zoey checking out the cars!

Even Zoey joined in on play time!

Baby and dog playing with toy cars.

Gabriel with his car.

Smiling baby with his toy car.

Close up of Gabe with his car.

Gabriel making the cars crash!

Close up of Gabriel.

Black and white photo of playing baby.

He loved the rattling noises of the ball.

Gabriel's "Damien face".

This has been dubbed his “Damien face”.

Baby's surprised face!

Chewing on his puppy.

Baby playing with a toy car on play mat.

Black and white photo of baby and his stuffed animal.

Smiling baby, chewing on stuffed puppy's ear.

Chewie on stuffed dog's ear.

Black and white image of a precious boy.