Horse Portraits | PA Animal Photography

This summer has been a brutal one. I’m sure we say this every single year, but truly this has been far worse than usual! Yet despite the heavy humidity, the horses and their loving riders at Hampton Stables still endured the weather for some photos. The girls (one being my awesome sister-in-law) wanted some portraits done of their beautiful (and very amusing) horses, and I wanted to share some of the results below. Even though it had been a very hot day, I enjoyed spending my time with them and these interesting animals, and hope to do so again in the future. What personalities!

Silly horse sticking his tongue out!

The very first photograph I took of Logan, a.k.a. “Eeyore”…

Logan the horse is secretly a unicorn.

All Logan needs is a horn!

He’s so adorable and laid back…and also needs a unicorn horn.

Adorable Logan.

Full bodied image of white horse.

Logan the white horse.

Kellie gives her horse, Logan, a hug.

Kellie loves her Logan.

Close up of Logan the white horse.

Close up black and white of Logan.

Logan, the white horse.

Black and white photo of Logan.

Lovely horse eyelashes!

Look at those lashes!

Close up of a white horse.

Logan is so affectionate with Kellie.

Kellie and Logan walking away.

A girl and her horse.

Niko is ready for his close up!

Handsome Niko!

Black and white portrait of horse.

Horse hamming it up to the camera!

Kellie and Niko.

A girl and her horse.

Kellie and horse close up.

Rider riding her horse bareback.

Kellie riding bareback.

Kellie riding Niko, leaving a trail of dust behind!

A girl riding her horse bareback around the track.

Kellie riding Niko bareback.

Black and white photo of Kellie and Niko.

Handsome horse.

Kellie loves her Niko.

Kellie and Niko pause for a laugh.

Black and white image of Niko in motion.

Rider and horse trotting away.

Kellie laughs with Niko and Logan.

Kellie with Niko and Logan.

Rider with her horses.

Kellie with her horses.

Horse portraits.

Horses nuzzle each other.

One of my all-time favorites.

Logan and Niko nuzzle noses.

Close up of Luna in black and white.

The lovely Luna!

Close up of Lauren's horse, Luna.

Portrait of brown horse.

Photo of brown horse.

Luna looks right at the camera!

Close up of Luna the horse.

Luna poses.

Lauren smiles with her horse, Luna.

Luna nudging Lauren.

Black and white close up photograph of Luna.

Pretty Luna.

Such a beautiful girl.

Lauren and her horse, Luna.

Black and white photo of horse.

Luna is ready for the camera.

Lauren gives Luna a kiss.

Kisses for Luna!


Zoey’s Morning Routine | PA Pet Photograghy

This morning I looked down our little “s”-shaped hallway to find Zoey sitting by the door, patiently waiting for my husband to come back in with Chewie. This is a morning routine for her and I was hellbent on getting photographic evidence of it! Silently rushing into the office, I snapped on my telephoto lens before crawling across the floor (yes, I actually crawled) to peer around the corner. I had no time to turn on any lights or adjust much in way of camera settings because she was bound to catch on. Zoey dislikes getting her photo taken and has this radar, this strange sixth sense for knowing when a camera is pointed at her. It’s so ridiculous that I had written this previous blog about how to deal with a shy dog like that, and being sneaky is a major key. I managed to snag a few shots before she noticed. The last image you see was right before she rushed towards me like a ball of fluffy lightning.

Zoey patiently waiting by the door for Daddy and Chewie to come back.

Adorable Sheltie waiting by the door.

Shetland Sheepdog waits by the door for her turn to go outside.

Zoey spotted me taking photos of her!

“Is that a camera, Mom?”